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Ledgewood, NJ 07852

Blue Star Pet Boutique
An indpendant pet store specializing in custom Pet Portraits, Pet Travel Gear and Gifts for pets andPeople.
Blue Star Pet Boutique  - Our Store when it was at Jersey Paws Pet Grooming and Self Serve Pet Wash
Photos of our Retail Store, the Grooming area and the Self Service tubs area
Retail Area:
Jerey Paws Grooming Area:
Jersey Paws Self Service Pet Wash Area:
Our Store Front.
We love our four footed customers, and very often, they love us too!
From a New Customer:
We were really amazed by all of the people coming in for their grooming appointment and also for the self-cleaning sessions with their own pet. It seems like such a great idea. The sinks were just at the perfect height, and it is so much better than struggling with the bathtub at home, and the awkward positions to accomplish the task. I have never seen anything like it, but is certainly is a wonderful idea. Busy, busy, busy was what your day must have been. We were glad to have been able to have observed the operation ourselves.
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