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Blue Star Pet Boutique
An indpendant pet store specializing in custom Pet Portraits, Pet Travel Gear and Gifts for pets andPeople.
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Jean-Marie Glaser, Owner/Artist
About Blue Star Pet Boutique
Blue Star Pet Boutique is family-owned and operated right here in Ledgewood, NJ.  
Other companies may offer similar  Products and services, but ours are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
We specialize in Custom paintings of your pets on mailboxes, clothing, wooden items, glass items, etc.  We also take items. such as figurines, other people or companies make and custom paint them to match your pets' coloring and markings.

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About the Artist
Jean-Marie Glaser was born and raised in New Jersey. She moved to California in 1980 and married her husband, Jeff, in 1981. They had their son, James, in 1984. James now has children with his wife Carrie.

Jean’s education has been obtained both in New Jersey and California.  
In California, she owned her own interior design business from 1982 until 1993.
 In 1993, her father passed away and she came back to New Jersey to take care of her mother who had some form of dementia until her mother's passing in 2004.

Her animals have always been a large part of her life and that shows in her artwork. She does it for the love of the animals.

She owns, or is owned by, Afghan Hounds, Chinese Crested dogs, indoor cats, outdoor cats (not really hers, but insist on living on her property). There are also pigeons and parakeets and chickens in the family. 

On occasional weekends, she shows the Chinese Cresteds and Afghan Hound at dog shows.  She also has her vendor's booth at various dog shows, cat shows and pet expos in the area with the help of her husband, Jeff.

She uses your photo as a guide for markings and coloring. Her work is not limited to animals. She has done trains, construction equipment, Motorcycles, Firetrucks, flowers and sailboats.

As for other products she sells in addition to her artwork, she will not sell any product that she does not use or appreciate herself.
Integrity is very important to her.  
She hopes you will enjoy her work and the other products she sells.

The name “Blue Star” came from two of her Afghan Hounds, Blue Max III and Jhaz Beau’s Little Star. They were father and daughter.

Thank you for your interest.
Jhaz Beau's Little Star & Blue Max III.